put up previews of the entire 12-song EP for the Foxboro Hot Tubs. It will be available for download from Amazon on April 8th. Less than two weeks! Current price for the album is $10.49 (though who knows if that'll change). We expect the actual (physical) CD will be released late April, Amazon currently has that listed for April 29th. You can click here to Pre-Order the album.

Head over there now to preview the songs. All the songs sounds pretty good, but i'm really enjoying 27th Ave. Shuffle

Stop by the forum for links to download the first 7 songs which have been made available.
The new issue of Spin magazine has a two-page photo of Pinhead Gunpowder, along with a short blurb and a quote by Jason White. The photo is by Shanty Cheryl. You can look at the scans here and here.Mike and Tre are in a video encouraging us ... read story
Mr. Tre Cool will be the host of the second annual MuST Golf Tournament on April 21st. Proceeds from the event will go to MuST (Music in Schools Today) as well as the Oakland Unified School District. According to the site, Tre will also be ... read story
The Foxboro Hot Tubs put up a new song on MySpace, called "The Pedestrian". It's really really really good. You can visit their MySpace to listen to the song. Many of you are having problems downloading the song, visit the forum for a link. ... read story
This weeks 'song of the week' is 80 off of Kerplunk. Billie wrote the song in the early 90's to his future wife, Adrienne. We've posted up a video of Green Day playing the song live in 1992, as well as a cover of the song by a fan (a ... read story
We want to wish a Happy Easter today to everyone who celebrates it, from everyone here at GDA. Enjoy your day ... read story
The billboards for the Converse ad campaign featuring Billie Joe are up in several cities around the world. The one to the right is in Berlin, Germany. This one is in Istanbul, Turkey. And these two, are in Vienna, Austria and in Berlin. ... read story
The top 10 entries for the St. Patricks Green Day Banner Contest have been selected. Visit the contest page to vote for your favorite. Since i was a couple days late in posting this, I've extended the voting till March 18th. On the 17th ( ... read story
A longtime visitor of GDA is selling his collection of Green Day items on ebay. He has listed 35 vinyls from 1039/smooth to Holiday. A ton of stuff spanning Green Day's career. He's been collecting items since 1990, but he's trying to sell ... read story
The new issue of Guitar World has a picture of Billie Joe on the cover along with several other artists, for its 300th issue, but there is no article or any mention of Green Day inside the magazine.The Foxboro Hot Tubs vinyl single of ... read story
This weeks 'Song of the Week' is At The Library off of "1039/Smooth". We've uploaded a video of Green Day playing the song in May of 1990 at Pinole Valley High School. Click here to watch the video.Another video of them performing the song ... read story
The Dave Matthews Band is currently in the studio working with Green Day's long-time producer Rob Cavallo. I like some Dave Matthews music, so I'm at least curious to hear what they come up with.Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day to ... read story
A new blog post up from the SF Bay Guardian mentions that Pinhead Gunpowder wanted to donate some money to 924 Gilman St. to help the venue out. Instead, they asked for some new equipment, which the band bought for them. They bought them ... read story
An article in UCBerkeley's newspaper quotes John Lucasey, the owner of Studio 880, where Green Day wrote and recorded American Idiot, who tells a funny story about Tre:One time, it was a hot summer, our air conditioners broke down and Tre ... read story
In case you haven't noticed the obnoxious Green Day clover on the right side of the site, we've started up a St. Patrick's Day Banner Contest. Make a banner for the site celebrating St. Patrick's, and if you're voted in the top 5 you have a ... read story
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