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Written by Angeline.

It's been quite the year for voodoo of one kind or another. First came a wandering preacher toting an alligator head on a stick - then there was the political stuff. Which was the more significant is down to how you look at it - elections are won or lost, leaders come and go, but a good song is eternal. A good song can take you thru hard times and it'll be your friend when your friends don't understand, or when you've got no friends at all.

New Found Glory will be playing an entire set of Green Day covers at the Hoodwinked Festival this May in East Rutherford, NJ. The band was asked to co-headline the event with a Sublime cover band 'Badfish'. I'll reserve judgment till after ... read story
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the United States. I've come to visit my parents for the holiday, so there's my excuse for not replying to emails. For the rest of the world, have a fantastic Thursday. Click the pie, it's totally worth ... read story
AP just released this interview with Billie Joe, which is separate from the article mentioned below. They focus a lot about working on the next album, talking about their inspiration and working with Butch Vig. There are some pretty quote- ... read story
AP Magazine has shipped out some of the magazines already, so we got a nice summary of the article with some exciting information about the next album. We won't post the scans up till the magazine is out on December 9th, so until then here' ... read story
Adeline Street, which was the clothing line and merchandise portion of Billie Joe's label (Adeline Records) has decided to shut down. They posted this message on their MySpace which read in part "Adeline Street has decided not to move ... read story
Following up the news from a couple days ago, AP Magazine has revealed the cover for the 'Most Anticipated Album in 2009'. The issue will be released December 9th (just a few weeks away). You can pre-order the magazine on ( ... read story
We're going to be re-launching a section that we never really gave much attention to, the Editorial section. We'll be having some people write some articles related to Green Day that will take a closer look at some aspects of the band. We ... read story
J'net has been working to update and re-do the Other Crew section, where we have short summaries of the other people who work with Green Day (producers/tour musicians). Check it out and we'd like to hear what you guys think. Leave some ... read story
Rolling Stone has listed the 100 Greatest Singers, Bono landed at #32 and Billie Joe wrote about him. Here's part of his writing:I never had the feeling he was manipulating the power of his voice to show off. They say a submarine never goes ... read story
Cary wrote in and pointed to this eco-friendly listing on for International Superhits for $9. I went to the store and sure enough found it in the music section. Basically just the CD in a cardboard wrapping, opposed to the ... read story
The official Green Day store from Cinderblock and has been updated with a couple new shirt designs. The cinderblock page also got a redesign looking more like the new official site. The shirts are $20 (+ shipping), one of them ... read story
Fender put up a video as part of their "Make History" promotional site that includes dozens of musicians talking about Fender. Mainly just kissing Fender's ass, but when you make some of the worlds best guitars I guess it's alright (see, I ... read story
Tonight are the MTV EMA's (Europe Music Awards) in London, where Green Day are nominated for 'Best Act Ever'. You can watch MTV's spotlight on Green Day for the EMA's here. A short video about the band. Nothing new, but still fun just to ... read story
Sorry this place has been so quiet over the past few days. Being the political junkie I am, I was sucked into politics through yesterday and pretty much all my attention went there. As you can imagine, I'm so excited that Obama won and look ... read story
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