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You can now purchase the new Pinhead Gunpowder songs from the MP3 store, click here to purchase.

The EP is only $3.95 and comes with a fourth song, which is an alternate version of 'One The Ave.'.

1. West Side Highway 2:09
2. Anniversary Song 2:00
3. On The Ave 2:46
4. On the Ave V2 2:52

Right now only the Amazon US store has the material up. But as soon as the other stores have them available we'll be sure to upload links. iTunes and Rhapsody will also be carrying the songs, but we don't know exactly when those stores will put them up.

I'm really impressed with the new songs. If you've heard earlier Pinhead stuff, you definitely won't be disappointed. If you haven't heard much Pinhead stuff before, now would be a damned good time to start. It really reminds me of early Green Day stuff.
Sorry fo the slow updates, it's been a pretty crazy busy week for me with work and getting ready for another semester of school.Good news is that we got word yesterday that the Pinhead Gunpowder album will be up on iTunes, Amazon, and ... read story
Green Day + NRDC is having a contest and giving away some pretty nice Green Day merch in return. Send them a photo of yourself "taking action to help the environment" and the winner will recieve an autographed Green Day photo and some ... read story
Yahoo! Music places 'Good Riddance' at #7 in the "Top 10 Most Downloaded Golden Oldies". Let's avoid the fact that they consider the 90's part of the "golden oldies", and that they mistakenly posted that Good Riddance was never released as ... read story
Recess Records has made the Pinhead Gunpowder vinyl available for purchase online. They have both blue and green vinyls, photo of them to the right. Click here to visit the order page. Track Listing:1. West Side Highway2. Anniversary Song3 ... read story
As we've mentioned before, when we don't make enough money from advertisements to cover the costs of the site, we ask for your help so that I don't have to end up paying the bills alone. We do offer all our content for free (pictures/ ... read story
Green Day's longtime producer, Rob Cavallo, is working with American Idol winner David Cook. This article [] quotes Cook as saying "I think he's a great producer with the kind of sound that I want... And in talking to him, he's just a ... read story
The Pinhead Gunpowder album, which we've been talking about for a while, will be out August 12. Well, that's at least according to which has the 7" vinyl listed on sale for that day. We got word that the EP will be available ... read story
Vinyl Collective posted the cover art for the upcoming Pinhead Gunpowder 7 inch vinyl record, pictured on the right. You can see a larger version by clicking here.The record will contain the three new songs debuted by Pinhead Gunpowder at ... read story
The official online store by Cinderblock has a few new Green Day shirts (not the ones we mentioned would be released from Hot Topic). A couple of shirts feel like they were designed in 1980, not sure if that's good or bad...I don't really ... read story
As mentioned a couple days ago, Green Day is part of Big Cheese magazines "Punk's Not Dead" issue. GDA visitor, Tobi, sent in some photos of the article, and you can read their in-depth review of Dookie. Since they are just pictures, it's ... read story
Happy Monday! Hope everyone is having a good start to another week.I'm a little confused about the decision from VH1 to include Basket Case in a list of songs available to vote for in their 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. Who decided Basket ... read story
Billie Joe is on the cover of the August issue of Big Cheese magazine. The article is titled Punk's Not Dead, and also includes Alkaline Trio, Me First and the Gimme Gimme's, Dead Kennedy's, Weezer, and others. Not entirely sure what the ... read story
I'd like to wish a very Happy 26th Birthday to Courtney. Hope you have a wonderful day, even though you're probably working ... read story
Billie Joe attended an event in Huntington Beach, CA on July 19 to raise awareness and and funds for cystic fibrosis. He joined other stars and some of the world's best surfers at the event, which was put on by the Tony Hawk Foundation. ... read story
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