The Foxboro Hot Tubs will be releasing a 13-song LP soon on Jingle Town Records (new label for side projects?). A 7" vinyl with 'Mother Mary' and "She's A Saint Not A Celebrity" will also be released.

Both the Foxboro MySpace and Website are showing banners for the vinyl. If you sign up at Jingle Town Records, you can get a free download of 'Mother Mary' which will be the first single off the LP.

Mother Mary is probably the best song we've heard from them, so that's a great song for the first single. More radio time. I've never been a big collector of vinyl's and don't have a record player, so it's pretty pointless for me to buy it. I will be buying the 13 song LP (hope it's going to iTunes).

Just got an email from a user (ilona) who passed along this article from Reuters. Mother Mary got onto Billboard's Modern Rock charts earlier this month at No. 30, and this passed week jumped up to No. 16.

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