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Artist Jacob Thomas created an illustration for Rolling Stone that was meant to go with a review of the Foxboro Hot Tubs, but the article was never published. It's a cool drawing of Green Day with a psychedelic 60s look. You can see the finished piece and preliminary sketches here.

And here's another cool bit of artistry. It's a video for a clip of Mother Mary set to moving type. The words move and change with the music. By franciscoak.

In other news, the filmmakers of One Nine Nine Four, a documentary about the explosion of punk rock in the 90s that will include a new interview with Billie Joe, sent out an update. They said they're done shooting and hope to release the film in late 2008 or early 2009. There's also a new teaser out that's just a short, funny clip of Fat Mike from NOFX.

And Punk News has a review of Stop Drop and Roll.
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