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A member on our forum has been collecting Green Day CDs, Vinyls, Bootlegs and some other stuff for 13 years, and now he's trying to sell it to help pay off some student loans. He has over 170 vinyls and tons of CDs he wants to sell to some real Green Day fans before going to eBay. Stop by the forum to see his entire list and to get a hold of him so you can buy some of the very impressive stuff. He has photos of parts of his collection up here.

Foxboro played last night at The Roxy in Los Angeles, you can read some of the reviews on the forum starting here. If you went to the show, go there and post your review. The Roxy website posted this about the show "Now that was epic. Hands down best show of the last 10 years! The Roxy loves Foxboro Hot Tubs". Hell yeah. More photos of the line posted by the Roxy on Flickr.

Tonight is the last show for Foxboro, they're playing Long Beach, CA.

The Rev has put up yet another blog on the Foxboro MySpace, My Dearest Tub Heads, talking about the shows in Phoenix and San Diego. Here's a review of someone who went to the San Diego show.
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