The Wall Street Journal included Green Day in the "Guide to Music in 2009". Along with their philanthropist buddies, U2 (who is expected to release their next album in March), the WSJ writes about Green Day
The Bay Area pop punks have big shoes to fill -- their own. 2004's "American Idiot" sold 5.8 million copies in the U.S. alone -- an improbably large number for a sprawling, Who-style "punk-rock opera" with recurring characters. The band's eighth studio album promises to be equally sprawling, with "acts" entitled "Heroes and Cons," "Charlatans and Saints" and "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades."
. They also suggest a spring release date, though still we don't really have any concrete word whether it'll be late spring or summer. We shall wait. Read the Article

The official site has a couple updates, one asking for your cell numbers (US Only) to receive txt messages with news. If anything major comes through there, we'll be sure to post it up here for international folks (and those not wanting to share their mobile numbers). They've also got up a story about Mike being quoted in a book about the Ramones: "My respect has and will always be there for the Ramones, the band that showed me that simple songs and a simple life could make you happy".

Our forum, Green Day Community, will be offline for a couple hours tomorrow (Thursday) for some maintenance while we do some re-organizing. Just a note for those wondering if they visit and notice it's offline.

Oh, and... fuck.
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