Green Day's first music video from 21st Century Breakdown, "Know Your Enemy" will be premiered across MTV networks on April 24th at 8pm. "The clip will premiere at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, VH1, The N, and MTV Networks' HD channel, Palladia -- plus MTV and VH1's international channels -- in addition to and All in all, "Enemy" will debut in 134 countries across Latin America, Europe and Asia. " This is the first time MTV has done a simultaneous release across all it's networks for a music video.

The band is in Los Angeles this weekend filming the new music video. The single will be released around mid-April, so you'll be able to purchase it online before the music video is out. Here's an article from Billboard about the release.

I just got back in town from LA from the premiere of 'Heart Like a Hand Grenade'. Thanks to all of you who visited GDA for the live updates, sorry I couldn't get more out (it's very hard updating from a cell phone while a dozen other things are taking place). We are working on a full review of the movie, and our trip all together. We had an amazing time out there, and my biggest thanks to all of you who came up to me to chat. I had such a great time meeting so many Green Day fans.

Most of you want to know if a DVD will be put out. At this time, there are no plans to do that. John Roecker wants it out, but with the new album and tour coming out now, I think the band (and/or label) aren't ready for it now. We'll be talking with John to see if there's anything we (as the fans who want it out) can do anything to help him get it released. We did get some extra movie posters and will be giving them away to some visitors. Details on that early next week.

I'm currently working on getting the "Record a Sawng" project back up. Bass entries will be up later tonight.
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