With the news yesterday that 'American Idiot' was being transformed into a play (which some of you might have missed considering GDA was down all day yesterday), many places are talking about it, and there's a few more details about it.

Turns out that Billie Joe helped write the book for the play with director Michael Mayer, and MTV quotes a statement from the band with Billie Joe saying
We are really excited to be working with Michael Mayer on this project. We'd been thinking of bringing American Idiot to the stage, but knew we needed to find the right partners. After meeting with Michael to discuss the possibility, he invited us to see 'Spring Awakening.'

We were so impressed with that production, as well as his vision for American Idiot, that we knew we'd found the perfect collaborator. Plus, doing it in our hometown at Berkeley Rep was an obvious bonus. They're an amazing theater group, very adventurous, and their willingness to take chances is in keeping with the spirit of the album. The end result will be terrific, and we're really proud."

So far, fans seems pretty split on the idea. Some really excited, some call it cringe-worthy. I'll reserve judgment till I've seen it (already got my tickets from here), I think it could be pretty amazing if done right. I also prefer the idea of this going to theater much much more than going to a movie. Writers are allowed much more creativity through theater to tell a story, much more so than film.

The other news mentioned in that article was that while the play would be based around the characters from 'American Idiot', they would be including music from other albums, including 21st Century Breakdown.
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