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Don't forget to tune into the [url=]Colbert Report[/url] tonight on Comedy Central at 11:30PM EST. Stephen Colbert will be interviewing Green Day.

Tomorrow morning, make sure to wake up nice and early to catch Green Day kicking off the [url=]Good Morning America[/url] Concert Series with a live concert in Central Park, New York City. From what I heard you can catch them at 8:30AM EST on ABC.

Last night, I ranted to my fiance about how Walmart refuses to sell 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot. So I think it's funny that I wake up this morning to see that [url=]Green Day speaks out against Walmart[/url]. Seriously, they will sell Eminem's CDs but not Green Day's? Why even put parental advisory stickers on CDs anyway?

MTV has an article [url=]here[/url] about the wild night at the Webster Hall show on May 20th. They also have an [url=]article[/url] about how 21st Century Breakdown conquered [url=]Billboard[/url] in a short week. One more [url=]article[/url] at MTV explains how Green Day admire hip hop artists such as Eminem for example.
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