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[turl=][/turl]The Tennessean posted a really good article and interview with Tre Cool. He talks about the tour, how the band wants to make these shows memorable, and how the music has grown over the years. The author, Dave Paulson, does a good job of summing of Green Day's career so far. Read the full article

A lot of bands just stick to their formula,” Cool says. “Like, ‘That worked last time when we had that radio hit. Let’s do something similar.’ I think there’s so much of that out there. And then there are the bands where their early stuff is the best, and then they start sucking more and more. I hate when that happens. I hate seeing great artists get lazy and decline. I think it’s been a growth process (for us). The music has matured, but at the same time, we are the same goofy little bastards that we’ve always been.

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