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My favourite part...

"Hello. Or is this Goodbye?"

This is a tough one for me as I'll openly admit it's not very high on the Green Day back catalogue of numbers that I'll seek out, as a result I find it pretty tough to relate to. All that really comes to mind is when you've come off the back of something pretty hectic and you're in that hangover stage. The only desire is to 'Rest', it's almost like curling up in a little ball to shut out the rest of the world and get back to some sort of normality. This always seems to be my feeling after the end of a relationship, the morning after the night before, the day after a music gig or even the recovery from a holiday.

Anyway before I start completely rambling this is a song I don't particularly love. Holy Shit! Fucking Blasphemy! I should wash my mouth out with soap and be given 17 lashings for this incredibly disgraceful admission. On a Green Day dedicated site I'm saying I don't like a Green Day song. Well, sorry but it's true. All I will say in my defence is that a Green Day song that I don't particularly enjoy is still miles better than 99% of the inane drivvle that is rammed into my ears on a constant basis because of the shit that gets played in the public eye. I would listen to Rest 43 times in a row if it meant I never had to look at Missy Elliott or hear her again (random and old school I know, I just can't stand that woman).

So I failed in the non-rambling stakes but if you've lasted this long then I have some sort of an announcement. I always read all the comments made on Scattered Memories and firstly thanks for them and also to all of you for reading. Now to the point! Someone posted about wanting to write their take on a Green Day song as part of Scattered Memories. Considering my less than impressive take on 'Rest' I thought this would be a great chance to let someone else do the waffling. So my plan is to choose a song off each album and let you lovely people write about how you relate to it.

Without further ado, the first song up from 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours is... 1,000 Hours. So anyone who wants to write about what this song means to them, how they relate to it and their favourite part please post it in this thread on GDC - one of which will be chosen to feature on GDA. This will be posted in place of what would have been my own take on it and I'll need them by March 1st.

by Carl Anastasi
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