Billie sent out this tweet (@BJAofficial) just moments ago confirming the band was in the studio. They've started recording the new album today!

"Happy Valantine's day! Officially started recording the new record today.
It's FUCK TIME!!!!"

We know the band has been writing a bunch of new material as mentioned recently by Butch Vig,
"I think Billie is still in writing mode," Vig says. "I know they have a ton of songs."

A couple quick thoughts: I wonder how soon this means the album will come out. If they've started recording this today, it could mean we're several months away from the final thing being done, mastered and ready to go. Late summer or fall? Fingers crossed. I also wonder who's producing? If I'm not mistaken Butch Vig is working with his band, Garbage, on putting out a new release later this spring, then a tour in April. I wonder who's in the studio with them (or if they might produce it themselves).

Update: Rob Cavallo is producing the album. He's shown in this video posted on Feb. 15th.

Also, how amazing would it be to have Billie Joe continue tweeting during the duration of the recording process? Really hope he does.

We first heard this weekend over on our forum, Green Day Community from a fan who ran into Jason White who also mentioned the band was getting ready to go into the studio. It's really awesome to have Billie Joe confirm it and get everyone pumped.

Now we wait.
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