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Jason Freese
Green Day's tour musician, Jason Freese, has been interviewed by Brazilian fan site Green Day Eulogy. In the interview they talk to Jason about how he became a touring member of the band, what it's like to tour with them, and about his current projects (hint: he's rehearsing with the band to go on tour for ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!).

Here's a small excerpt from the interview. Read the full thing on Green Day Eulogy. The interview is written both in English and Portuguese, click on the tab that says "Interview in English")

"You got into Green Day in 2004 when they wanted to add a keyboard player to their line-up. Were you a fan of the band before that? How was the invitation to join their line-up and play along with them?

I have always loved Green Day! In fact I played in another band that Green Day's manager was managing and I always bugged him to get me tickets someday to see Green Day live. It never happened though!!!! Hahahahahaha. One afternoon I received a call from their manager saying that they wanted to add a piano player to their band and wanted to meet me. So they asked me listen to the half way recorded almost demo version of some songs off of their new album, "American Idiot." I was of course flattered and said, "YES!" I met the band at Capitol Records and heard the demos of American Idiot and Jesus Of Suburbia. I was so blown away.......I knew right then and there it was something special! So we jammed at a rehearsal studio and now here we are almost 9 years later!"

Read the full interview
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