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A picture of Tre in this issue of Kerrang.
On Wednesday, Kerrang Magazine's latest issue with an exclusive interview with Green Day was released to news stands. I had the chance to read the interview and I'm happy to say that it's an excellent read! No real groundbreaking news is surfaced in the article like announcing a UK tour, but hey, there are some damn good quotes from the band about their upcoming trilogy in here.

My favorite quote from the article has to be from Billie Joe were he explains how recording the trilogy the band finally felt like a "real band" again. Here's the direct quote from Billie:

"What we wanted to do with these albums was to go back to being a band again. I mean, obviously we always were a band, but I mean the kind of band that can just hitch up in a garage, plug in and blow ourselves away. So in that sense, these albums are our albums; they belong to the three of us, and there is a large part of the three of us in each of the songs. And, to be honest which you, it's been a while since we've done that, and to hear the results played back to us have been pretty amazing."

I'm sure that many of you are excited about this since I know that some fans have noticed that Mike and Tre's bass lines and drum parts have seemed to get simpler in the last two albums. From the sound of it, we can expect three albums that will totally be "maximum Green Day."

Want to read the full interview? You can order a copy of this issue of Kerrang directly from GDA over in our merch section for $5.
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