Ultimate Box Set
I'm very excited to start our next contest here on GDA, this time to design a new t-shirt that we'll be selling on GDA. The winner of the contest will be receiving the Ultimate Box Set of the upcoming trilogy, a free shirt with their design on it, and their choice between a year membership to the Idiot Club, or $20 to use in the official Green Day store.


Can't use Green Day's name, photos of the band, or any of their logos. This is purely to make sure we don't get in trouble with anyone. You'll notice on our Six-Pack of Apathy shirts - the design was inspired by a Green Day song, but doesn't actually use anything the band owns. This is both for legal reasons, and out of respect to them and their label. We want to make our own original stuff that's inspired by them, and something Green Day fans can appreciate.

Design can be one solid color or a regular image. It can also be on whatever color of shirt you'd like.

We'll be choosing our top 5 entries for this contest. Those picked as a finalist will also get a prize: a shirt with their design on it, plus their choice between a year membership to the Idiot Club or $20 to use in the official store. We'll post our top 5 on September 12th, and GDA visitors will vote for their favorite design to pick the winner. The winner will be announced Friday, September 17th.

As always, our contests are open to everyone worldwide. Any questions, please leave a comment and we can answer. Get those designs in! Remember, the deadline to submit something is September 9th.

Update: This contest is now closed and we are no longer accepting submissions. Thanks!

[note]Update: September 16: We have decided to re-assess our selection process for the top entries. We'll be making an announcement early by September 18th. Thanks for your understanding[/note]
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