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[pic=A promo single press release]103012_rsz_promos.jpg[/pic]This week, we'll be doing a pretty simple feature on some different promotional CDs for the new singles. We have listings for promos of "Oh Love," "Kill The DJ," and "Stray Heart." These CDs are given exclusively to major radio stations, so that the single can be played before the full material comes out. They don't really have anything different than the normal CD, except for the fact that some have a few different radio versions of the song. Nonetheless, some people avidly collect these CDs. There's definitely something cool about having an "advance" copy of a song. Some of these CDs are Japanese/British, and some are American. All the same music no matter which, though. Make sure to check out the listings in the photo captions to see what price each individual Buy-It-Now/auction listing is at!

[picRow=Auction]103012_rsz_olpromo.jpg[/pic][picRow=Buy-It-Now #1, Buy-It-Now #2, Buy-It-Now #3, Auction]103012_rsz_ktdjpromo.jpg[/pic][picRow=Buy-It-Now, Auction #1, Auction #2]103012_rsz_shpromo.jpg[/pic]
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