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[pic=Mike's Bass guitar on display]072213_mikefame.jpg[/pic]The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has put in some new guitars for exhibit in their Cleveland, Ohio museum - including this bass guitar used by Mike Dirnt during their performance at the '94 Woodstock festival.

Here's what they say about the bass
[quote]Mike Dirnt of Green Day's Kramer Custom Bass Guitar, c. 1974

Dirnt played this bass at Green Day's triumphant appearance at the Woodstock ll Festival on August 14, 1994. Less than five years earlier, in 1989, singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and Dirnt, along with drummer Al Sobrante, released an independent EP under the name Green Day. Sobrante was replaced by Tré Cool soon after the release of the band’s first album, 39 / Smooth. Dookie, Green Day’s major-label debut, was released in 1994, and sold 10 million copies internationally. The album yielded the hits “Longview,” “Basket Case” and “When I Come Around.[/quote]

Visit to preview the other guitars added in .
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