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This week, we've got some very practical eBay items to share with you. If you care about your iPhone, you probably have some sort of protective case on it. If you do, these Green Day-emblazoned ones are way better. If you don't currently have a case, you should buy these ones. Cutting right to the chase, aren't we?

The cases we're featuring are either for iPhone 4/4S, or iPhone 5/5S (yes, the new 5S is very close to the same size/design as the 5). None of these cases are the really awful-looking ones with the oddly-scaled design and just an album cover plastered on the back. These cases look sharp, which you can see in the photos below. They are cheap, and there are more than 10 of each for sale in most auctions.

Here are each of the cases: Note that the yellow "Whatever It Takes" cases (only for iPhone 4/4S) were designed for charity, and feature hand-drawn artwork from Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré themselves!

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