5 Seconds of Summer
Members of Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer have talked about how big an influence bands like Green Day are to them. So much so they mention them in a recent song "Long Way Home" off their self-titled new album.

Snippit from "Long Way Home" mentioning Green Day:

The band mentioned Green Day's influence in a recent interview with the New York Times,

"Calum Hood: When I was about 14, I got on the bus, and my sister’s friend’s brother handed me a burnt CD that said “American Idiot,” and that was pretty much the first time that I fell in love with music. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I saw an acoustic guitar sitting around the house, and I picked it up.

Ashton Irwin: It wasn’t just their music that influenced me, it was the attitude behind it. When I was a kid, I sort of felt like it wasn’t all right to be what I was. And they told me it was.

Have you met the frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong?

Hemmings I haven’t. It’s probably better that I don’t, because I’d probably cry."

5SOS also paid tribute to the band on the recent Kerrang American Idiot album playing the title track.

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