Well... this is certainly interesting. Interesting enough for us to dust off our classic "WTF" news post category. Several members of the MTV News team (read the "news" part with air quotes) decided to provide their oh-so-informed take ... read story
Triple M, an Australian rock music radio station, has posted an article on their website stating that Billie Joe has began work with a new band. The station is basing their belief on a recent Instagram post by Billie Joe in which he ... read story
Well here is something a little odd for the start of your week. Palm reading professional "Dear Tony" Leggett has analyzed Billie Joe's palm and provides his thoughts and analysis of Billie Joe's life and personality, based off his palm' ... read story
NME has put together a list of 30 "Heinous Crimes Against Music," as chosen by their readers/visitors. In that list, the music magazine/website slams various artists and groups regarding cover tracks, quotes, music in education, or just ... read story
This week's "wtf article" comes courtesy of Salon.com. Writer Stephen Deusner goes out of his way to bash Green Day all based on the first single "Oh Love." It's not easy for any artist to write a song that is simultaneously anthemic and ... read story
We're back with The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It! Please, have a seat, get a cup of coffee or tea, and grab a bag of popcorn because the show is about to begin. Actually, I don't know if coffee/tea and popcorn would go well together. ... read story
We've decided to go ahead and make our 'WTF Article' it's own feature. Some of you will remember it showing up in our weekly round-up posts we started recently, but we decided that maybe these wtf articles should be out on their own. So ... read story
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