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A member on our forum, angry_robot, has drawn and [url=]shared[/url] this incredible Green Day poster filled with references to every song in the band's catalog, plus additional references to artwork, videos, and more Green Day-related items.

As she explains below, she has spent over two years drawing this piece of art and she has finally shared it with fans.

[quote]I've always enjoyed illustration and though I'm no super-talented artist, almost 2 years ago I decided to do some sort of a Green Day fan art to celebrate my love to my favorite band. It all started as an attempt to recreate band in a cartoon-ish style and ended up being a wall poster with reference to every Green Day album song. 161 songs are somewhere in this picture, some of them are stupid puns I'm quite ashamed of, others are references to single artworks, videos, song lyrics and some are just plain song titles written somewhere because I have no imagination. Pretty sure someone will find something I never intended to reference and also pretty sure that I've forgotten something. There're lots of other Green Day related stuff too, I never really realised how huge the band is and how many things are going on in a Green Day world. I wish I did more though but it's time to stop, it's been almost 2 years since I started! Also forgive my lack of drawing skills, some of the things there should have looked better, but oh well. It was fun anyway! [/quote]

The artwork is [url=]for sale online[/url] in a variety of printed forms and materials, perfect for hanging on your wall (i.e.: Green Day shrine) - I just ordered a poster. See the printed options [url=]here[/url] on Redbubble.

Check out the artwork below and let us know what you think in the comments! How many references can you find?

The Ultimate Green Day poster
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