Billie Joe at Radio 1 in 2012
Let's keep the news going today...

On the Green Day subreddit Saturday evening, a user posted about hearing LIVE 105, a Bay-Area alternative radio station, mention that they were going to be played some new Green Day songs this coming week on Wednesday, August 3rd.

As always with posts on the internet, we were a little cautious about this, but curious none-the-less. I decided to send a couple tweets to the station and the on-air DJ at the time to try and get a confirmation. After not getting a reply back, I decided to just call them and ask about it.. YOLO.

The person who answered the phone mentioned that the band is done recording the album and that they are headed into the LIVE 105 studios next week to give the program director a private listen of the album. The person also mentioned that an official announcement from the band is coming soon and that she couldn't disclose any more information.

Bands these days tend to preview new music to radio stations as a way to generate hype and buzz for an upcoming release. The stations and programming directors in turn can get the message out about the music in a more effective way if they've actually heard the material. Radio staff may also be there to help provide guidance on a lead single choice, based on what their listeners are liking.

Along with some other rumors we're hearing and Jeff Matika's rehearsal photo from Saturday afternoon, we're definitely getting close to an announcement.

Hold on to your hats!
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