Late Sunday evening when Billie Joe posted on Instagram the announcement of "BANG BANG," we got the first new group photo of the band since 2012's Trilogy. In the caption of the photo, Billie Joe mentioned it was taken by Frank Maddocks, a photographer, graphic artist/designer and the Vice President of Creative at Warner Brother Records (the owner of Green Day's label Reprise).

Soon after Billie Joe's post, Maddocks posted the same photo and added his own commentary:

"So happy to be working with @greenday on photography and album art. Really proud of what we have created so far. More to come!"

Maddocks has worked with many bands in the Warner Bros. catalog of artists, including Linkin Park, Gary Clark Jr., Atlas Genius, Slash, and the Deftones. His main style seems to surround street art with spray paint and stencils. Check out his portfolio of work on this website

So, being the investigators that we are, we took a look at Maddocks Instagram account to try and get a sense of what he's been up to in relation to Green Day.

Soon after we got a photo from Billie Joe with his newly-colored black hair in a bathroom at Jingletown, Maddocks posted a couple photos from that day's suspected Green Day photo shoot.

One of the photos is of an old Ford Falcon car spray painted with "FUN" and stars and with a megaphone system attached to the top. He included the hashtags #oakland #otis #fun #warnerbrosrecords and #revrad. Check out the photo (later deleted) below. One photo he didn't delete appears to be the other side of that same vehicle with "OTIS" written on it.

Car at Jingletown

One final interesting photo that Maddocks has posted to his Instagram account is the one below. In the photo, you can see a spray-painted face of Billie Joe along with the word "radio" written in several places.

Some last minute work before vacation. #wheatpaste #collage #punk #punkrock #gloves #spraypaint #warnerbrosrecords

A photo posted by Frank Maddocks (@frankmaddocks) on

"OTIS" and "#revrad" are phrases we've been seeing floating around a lot this year in relation to Green Day. We believe that OTIS is the name of the studio the band recorded the album in and #revrad could be a short-hand name for that album's name, possibly "Revolution Radio." Or, one of a thousand other combinations projected by our #revrad tool.

Maddocks has mentioned that there is "more to come" so we will certainly stay tuned to his Instagram account and any other Green Day announcements.

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