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This past weekend at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois, Nik Rivers, DJ at 107.7FM in Buffalo, New York, got to listen to Green Day's upcoming new song "BANG BANG."

On the radio station's website, Nik provides a short review of the song, comparing it to early Green Day material from Dookie.

"So if you are a fan of the early, punky Green Day, you will LOVE the new song Bang, Bang. And when I say early, think Dookie, but not "When I come Around" Dookie, but more "Welcome To Paradise", "Burnout" & "Chump" Dookie...With hints of Kerplunk & the rawness of 39 Smooth. I'm excited for the #AltFamily to hear this one!"

Certainly an interesting review! Seeing as the three Dookie songs he mentioned are easily my favorite from the album, I have to say I'm a little more excited to hear the song (as if that were possible).

Of course, there is always confusion when someone mentions "sounds like ." "Sounds like" is definitely up for interpretation on what the writer means. "Sound" could refer to the auditory/sonic values of a song, or it could refer to the song structure and simpleness of it. Until we actually hear the song with our own ears, I will reserve judgement on what I think it should "sound" like.

Let us know what you think of how Nik is describing the song in the comments or on our forum, GDC.

In other "BANG BANG" news, Warner Music Spain's Twitter account is really hyping up the release of the song. The other day, the account posted a couple slightly cryptic tweets indicating fans can hear the song before it officially premieres on August 11th. English translations:

"How many fans of Green Day there in the room? Anyone who wants to listen #BangBang exclusively before it gets out? Stay tuned... -- Tweet"

"Soon we will tell you how to listen to the single before anyone else, are you nervous? -- Tweet"

With the translations it's a little hard to tell exactly what the account means. If you're a Spanish speaker, let us know in the comments your interpretations of the tweets.

Thanks to Kristen for sending in the news about the review and to Nicolás for the tweet.
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