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We've got a new, official GDA poll for your voting pleasure! It's that time again. That beautiful, post-digestion period when Green Day fans have come up with their new album favorites. About three weeks have passed since release day and we want to know what you think:

I personally think the first two singles, "Bang Bang" and "Revolution Radio," stand out as a couple of the most classic Green Day songs within the scope of the complete album. Not necessarily the clear best on the record, though.

There's something to be said for the Who-ish direction the band took with punchy epics like "Somewhere Now" and its cousin, "Forever Now," which has a feel reminiscent of the American Idiot era rock operas. If you've got a soft spot for Green Day ballads, maybe "Still Breathing," "Outlaws" and "Ordinary World" float your boat. Even beyond all of these, there are still songs like "Bouncing Off the Walls" and "Too Dumb To Die" — the potent kind of pop-meets-punk ragers that Green Day fans have come to love.

The point is that Revolution Radio really does, in a way, have something for everyone. Weigh in above and check out whether or not the fandom agrees with your pick.

Leave us a comment with your personal thoughts and preferences!

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