Billboard today has updated their music charts from the past week of radio airplay and online streaming so let's check in on how the two Revolution Radio singles are performing.

"Still Breathing" is slowly crawling up a variety of Rock charts. Last week, the song was in the top 10 of the three major charts: Alternative Songs, Rock Airplay, and Mainstream Rock. That remains true this week as well and it has moved up one or two spots in each. The song has also gained "greatest gainer" status in all charts once again. This is the third straight week it is the greatest gainer in Alternative Songs. Check out the numbers below.

"Still Breathing"
Alternative Songs: #7* from #8 | Chart
Rock Airplay: #5* from #7 | Chart
Mainstream Rock: #8* from #9 | Chart
Hot Rock Songs: #18** from #19 | Chart
* Greatest gainer of the week
** Biggest gain in airplay

Meanwhile, "Bang Bang" has started to slip once again in the Rock charts. However, the song is still in the top 30 of the three major Rock charts. Check out the numbers below.

"Bang Bang"
Mainstream Rock: #21 from #16 | Chart
Rock Airplay: #26 from #21| Chart
Alternative Songs: #28 from #24 | Chart
Hot Rock Songs: #39 from #27 | Chart

As a whole, Revolution Radio has remained in the top 20 of the Rock Albums chart, coming in this week at #17, down eight spots from last week. On the Billboard 200, the album has fallen out of the top 100, now sitting at 186.
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