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Hip-hop outfit Radio Killed the Hip-Hop Star recently released their debut album with some all too familiar artwork. Green Day fans were quick to point out how the group's album artwork looks exactly like the Revolution Radio cover.

Here are the two covers for comparison:

Green Day

Radio Killed the Hip-Hop Star

This had many questioning whether or not the artwork was a stock photo, but rest assured it is not. Prior to the release of the album, photographer Nick Spanos shared the cover on Instagram stating “I’m very excited to share the new Green Day album cover I shot for their upcoming album #RevolutionRadio.”

Art director and designer Frank Maddocks also shared the image on Instagram with the caption “Proud to share the album cover I created for Green Day’s new album Revolution Radio!”

Radio Killed the Hip-Hop Star have since changed the artwork for their album and plan to re-release it.

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