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Billie Joe has taken to Instagram this evening to post about what he's been up to the past few weeks while the band is preparing for their 2017 Revolution Radio World Tour. In his list of accomplishments, he mentions that he is currently "preparing the video for revolution radio," indicating that will be the band's next single and music video release.

[quote]so far i've got a good head start to 2017... the last couple weeks i recorded my youngest son's band.. today he got his first tattoo. i bleached my oldest son's hair and me and my lady 80 saw the new star wars.. i'm preparing the video for revolution radio.. and green day rev rad world tour starts in italy (i fucking love italy) and my personal theme song is "(what's so funny about) peace love and understanding" - 2017 bring it on![/quote]

We've assumed and speculated on the recent episodes of Static Noise that "Revolution Radio" would be the next single from the band but it's nice to get a confirmation and the exciting news that a video is in the works.

It's also pretty exciting to hear that there is new music on the way from Jakob Danger, Billie's youngest son. Jakob released a great five-song EP in 2015. Check that out on Amazon, iTunes/Apple Music, or Spotify.

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