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Hello everyone. As you know, our favorite band has released their twelfth studio album Revolution Radio and is currently on the road touring. We want to highlight the twelve tracks on the album by featuring a song from the album every month to celebrate the year of #RevRad. The album starts off with "Somewhere Now" which many described as a Who-esque song. It begins with a gentle acoustic guitar followed by:

[quote]I'm running late to somewhere now that I don't want to be
Where the future and promises ain't what it used to be
I never wanted to compromise or bargain with my soul
How did a life on the wild side ever get so dull?[/quote]

Here's what Billie Joe had to say about the song in an interview with Rolling Stone
[quote]"I'm running late to somewhere now that I don't want to be" - It's my favorite beginning of a record that we've ever had," he says. "I think it's so relatable, whether it's going to your job or going to the dentist." Another lyric, "How did life on the wild side get so dull," touches on Armstrong's post-rehab struggles: "How do you deal with dealing with yourself? Before it was, I'll have a beer. Now, you have to sort of learn how to breathe a little bit more. I have never been good at boredom. I never know what to do when it's, like, you and you're alone with yourself.[/quote]

They performed this song for the first time at Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn, New York and have since played this song at least four times. Here's one of those performances.


What are your thoughts on the song? Was it a good album opener? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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