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Billboard has updated their music charts to account for the past week of radio airplay and online streaming. Let's check in on how the Revolution Radio singles and the album itself are performing.

The latest single, "Still Breathing", has remained at #1 on Rock Airplay for an 11th straight week. The song has started to decline on most other charts but is still performing well overall.

Check out this week's chart positions for "Still Breathing" below.

Alternative Songs: #5 (same as last week) | Chart
Rock Airplay: #1 (same as last week) | Chart
Mainstream Rock: #5 from #3 | Chart
Hot Rock Songs: #13 from #15 | Chart
iTunes Alternative: #48 from #58 | Chart

On iTunes in the Alternative genre, Revolution Radio is currently at #8, which is up four spots from #12 last week.

As for what's next, we're still expecting and looking forward to the next single "Revolution Radio." A few months ago, Billie Joe mentioned the band was in the planning stages for a video for the track. During their small break before the US tour they certainly could have filmed it, or they could be waiting until after this US tour is over at the beginning of April.
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