Skate Hut in Providence, RI
July 17, 1990
Other Acts:
Loud Ones
  • Boston Phoenix: "He let us know that his band's first visit to New England was a Providence gig at a skate park."
  • Aaron Cometbus: "3 days of wild abandon, drunken stupor and Saran Man. Woken up on the 3rd day by the roar of chaisaw + chickens in the bed. Great clam cakes, fried squid, and canoening, too!!!"
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "We played in Rhode Island at this skate ramp. I think one of kids who ran, his father was in the mob, because there were all these kids drinking 40s outside, and the cops drove by without saying a word."
  • Damon: "And a shout-out to my Rhode Island sister, Josephine. You were probably too young to see Green Day at the Skate Hut in Olneyville ... but they haven't changed a bit (other than the stage is a little bigger and Tre's dad isn't driving their tour van). There's a lot of bands that walk in their footsteps, but none of them would be here without the relentless touring those guys did for years."
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  • Dan92SLC: "Green Day has been around since 1988. They were touring nationally within a year or two. They first played the legendary Skate Hut here in Providence around '90 or '91."
  • Benjamin Goulet: "In the early 1990s, Smith co-founded the now-defunct Providence skate park The Skate Hut (formally located at 7 Dike St.), a huge mill complex that housed a massive vertical ramp. It was at 'The Hut' where the Loud Ones, in its second incarnation, honed their chops, sharing stages with then-unknown bands Green Day and Jawbreaker. But even as the underground culture that Smith helped create began to explode into the mainstream, he chose to live on its fringes, opening a tattoo shop in Newport and keeping things simple."
  • Slapguts: "Saw these guys at a skate park where I grew up in 1990. I was 13, and used to ride my BMX bike down to the punk shows. Saw a ton of great bands, for around $3 each. Green Day was one of them. After the show, everyone was just kinda hanging around, the drummer asked if he could ride my bike. Crashed on the half pipe, and gave it back. They were going to run to the store for more beer, and Billie asked if I wanted anything. I gave him $5 for a 2-liter of Jolt Cola, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pudding pie. They got in their van, and never came back. Fuck Green Day, and fuck Billie Joe. He owes 13 year old punk rock me $5."
  • John Kiffmeyer: "Well, we drove into Rhode Island, and... raged!! No, it was really funny, because these guys in Rhode Island basically bit off more than they could chew. We played this really cool show and the scene in Providence seems like it's pretty good. We played this place called Under The Hut. It's under this big skateboard warehouse and it's seriously, totally, cool, it looks like a dungeon in there. There should be people strapped to the walls and torches and shit. Literally, you have to go through this big ass door to get into where the shows are. It was GREAT! And after the show, they go, 'Well, here's your money. Oh, we made this much, but we're going to pay you what you asked for anyway,' and next, 'Oh, we took the rest of the money and bought beer.' Right? So we get to their place, where we're staying - some kid's parents' house - and all these guys are like, basically passed out and GREEN DAY was just frickin'... We had played TWO gigs that night. We played Connecticut and then we drove to Rhode Island and then we partied all night. Okay? In the morning, GREEN DAY was still sitting at the dinner table in that house drinking beer and everybody else in Rhode Island - all the punks - were passed out. They didn't know what they were getting themselves into."
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