Creative Arts Building in Rapid City, SD
June 30, 1990
Other Acts:
Dead Silence (headliner), Admiral, XClude
  • Aaron Cometbus: "Scary 'X marks the spot where people died' signs."
  • Greg Parker: "That bottom show is my claim to fame... We opened for Green Day!!!"
  • Troy Zoller: "I was at the first show Scotty. The only other people I remember there were Joleen, and Randy Beebe, who had his nose broken in the pit. He was bleeding from his nose into his beer cup, and drinking it. He asked me to set his nose when we were in the bathroom."
  • Dan Dittmer: "I even did a show at the 4H building on the fairgrounds. That was Dead Silence and Green Day. It's like we just missed the sheep auction, it's Dead Silence and Green Day, and the next day is the llama exhibit or whatever. Minus the smell, it was a great place."
  • Craig Jackson: "Yeah, and there was a square dance competition going on in another building, so they wanted the pit to go in a square instead of a circle. Aaron Cometbus was along for the ride and wrote about the tour. SD was mentioned for 'scary X marks the spot where people died' signs'."
  • Ted Silence: "Just like old athletes who hang it up, a year later in 1990 it was like. 'Let's get together and play a couple of reunion shows.' And we did. We drove to Rapid City and Joel reminded me of this while back, but we shared the bill with Green Day. In fact they opened for us because at that point we were well known in Rapid City and Green Day was some band nobody ever heard of. (Laughter) By the mid-90's I had been living in Texas and I got into the Texas singer-song writer thing and I was thinking, 'Gosh, I wish Green Day had come out 10 years ago, because I would have loved them.' At 18-19, I loved that power pop sound more than I did hardcore."
Photos from Rapid City, SD
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