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By Courtney /Apr. 12, 2002 / Comments
Well let's start off with the Green Day news. LAUNCH.com recently reported that Green Day will donate proceeds from their April 29th performance at the Oakland Arena to Children's Hospital in Oakland. Pop DisasterRead the article @ LAUNCH. Billie Joe's record company, Adeline Records has announced that One Time Angels will be playing along side of blink-182, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World on April 21st (Irvine Meadows, Irvine), April 27th (Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View), and April 28th (Sacramento Valley Amphitheater, Sacramento). Also look for a new compilation CD from Adeline Records which will be including a brand spankin' new Green Day song. That album is scheduled for release on June 18th. The long awaited offical Pop Disaster Tour Website has finally launched, check it out at www.popdisastertour.com. There is also another Pop Disaster Website located at www.popdisaster.com. As for website updates, the picture you see here was added to the Pictures page. I made 2 more little code images, both of which were added to the Link Us page. Two new Concert Reviews were added and also a new fan was added to the Fan List. Forms were added to submit info to the Links page and also the Fan List. I figure those forms will make it easier on me and on you. My guestbook still isn't working, who knows what the fuck is up with that. I might consider getting a new guestbook, but I want one that I can design all my own....like the one I have already. :\ In case anyone was wondering, I finished up my Billie Joe Project. What's that? It's my drawing of Billie Joe (view my drawing) all framed and dolled up. I'm planning on sending to him sometime in the future. I'll get that picture up for you sometime this weekend in case you are interested. I noticed I didn't have the original picture on here, God knows why because it was in my ZIP file archives. So I uploaded that and put it on the Pictures page as well. But for a quick link, if you wanna compare it with my drawing click here. Well that's about all for today. Have a fun weekend and get drunk for me, ok? Since everything around here is always the same, I'll probably be sitting on my ass all weekend.
Well it's just another day in paradise eh? Blah. The guestbook isn't working again...don't ask me why because I don't know. Hopefully it'll be up soon. Don't forget Green Day artists, our affiliate Green Day Crap is having an art contest. I ... read story
Hey all! No Green Day news today....yet. So I was surfing around today, joining some cliques because I dunno...I really like them. They show people that you believe in something ya know? Then I was thinking. A lot of people have asked me ... read story
No Green Day news today, just some website updates. First and formost, I put up the Concert Reviews page. No reviews or experiences yet though. I'm hoping some of you will send them in. Also I added a new fan to the Fan List and a new ... read story
Finally! Some news about the new b-side album from LiveWire Magazine: Green Day Release Date: Summer 2002 (Reprise) Album Title: TBA Extra Info: Songs most likely to make the disc: "Sick", "Rotting", "Stuck With Me", "On The Wagon ... read story
Nothing exciting is going on today. I was reading an Entertainment Weekly and I noted something interesting. Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? It's been 12 years since the first movie came out. Wow, I can't believe it's been that ... read story
So last night me, Thad, and my best friend Kate went to see Sum 41 accompanied by H2O and Autopilot Off. The show I went to at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia was the first of the Sum Like It Hot Tour. The show was awesome! I never ... read story
Green Day kicked off their mini Japan tour last night at the Hokkaidoritsu Sogo Taiikukan in Sapporo, Japan. Tomorrow they are playing the Saitama Arena in Tokyo, Japan. If anyone would send a review I could put it on the pending Concert ... read story
Man, I'm having a really bad fuckin' month. So if you're thinking about it, now's not the time to fuck with me. Let me just give you a run down of the shitty life I've had this past month....you're bored anyway, hell, that's why you're here ... read story
Didja know they taste like real cheese...even though they look like fishes? Sorry I have that jingle in my head right now. Tre Cool posted another new audio message at Greenday.com. Don't ask me what it says, because for some reason it won' ... read story
As promised, I did some work on the site today. First let's get the GDA Poll out of the way. Here are the results from the last poll: Are you satistfied with the current tour itinerary? Yes. : 47 Votes (67%) No, it sucks! : 23 Votes (33 ... read story
Hey everyone. I'm sorry for not updating for like a week, but we had a family emergency here, so I wasn't home. Anywho I'm back now, and I'm giving you the most recent news. Tre left a new audio message at Greenday.com. It's pretty short. ... read story
Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! I hope everyone has a great holiday. Everyone sit down and have a pint. I've always wanted to go to Ireland, and I will someday. I didn't get to update yesterday, so this is a little late. I'd like to say ... read story
Sorry for not updating yesterday, for I was busy. I had a bad fucking day today, so I'll keep this short and sweet. First and formost, Billie Joe updated his audio message today at Greenday.com. He talks about the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame ... read story
So there's almost absolutly nothing going on in the world of Green Day today. Except for this from 409 Online: " 'We're A Happy Family' is currently in the works, although no release date is currently known. The album is the project of Rob ... read story
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