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Not much going on today. Tre updated his audio yet again...he talks about coffee this time. :) I admire the man. Bad news today for the websites. This from Darren of the International Supersites Directory and Green Day Fans UK: "I haven't updated the site in a while and this is because I have been working on New-Talent.net. I have come to this decision. ISD and GDFans are no longer going to be updated. I'm sorry to everyone who has submitted their site recently and hasn't had it added to the site. I have chosen not to update any more because I am too busy with New Talent and I am bored with Green Day sites. I still love the band but I have been making Green Day sites since about early 1999 and it started as a hobby but now it's getting to be like a job. There is too much work and too much expected of me. People submit their site and expect it added right away and I just haven't got the time." That sucks. I really love those sites and would hate to see them go down, but what are ya gonna do? I hope everyone decides to pay them a visit. As for GDA, we're going stronger than ever. Today I checked how many hits we've gotten today, and the total was 178! And that was at 6:20PM EST. It doesn't start over until 12 Midnight. That's amazing, for me anyway. Thank you everyone for your support. GDA is still in need of concert reviews, so send 'em along to gdpunkgirl@greendayauthority.com. It wouldn't hurt you to sign the guestbook either. :P And while I have it, I'd like to take this opportunity to say Happy 49th Birthday Mom! Boy she's old. One more year till the big 50! Ha ha. Sorry, I got a little evil there. ;)
If you have yet to head on over to Greenday.com today, Tre left another audio message. He tells us that he set up an e-mail at trecoolisfine@hotmail.com. Pretty cool of him to do that. Check out pictures from the Punk Rock Pro Am Golf ... read story
Not much going on today. As far as I'm aware of, all of the Pop Disaster Tickets went on sale today. I noticed that some venues jacked up the price a little. I don't have to worry though, I got my tickets in the mail on Thursday and they ... read story
Hey all. Rumors are going around about the possibilty of Green Day inducting The Ramones into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Billie Joe tells LAUNCH.com, "Anywhere, if you talk about the Midwest, you're talking about the South, East Coast/ ... read story
Tre calls himself a whore at Greenday.com. He also tells us that they have the new list of songs for the new album ready. Sounds great. Anyway, some new contests. Well contest...blah. AT&T Wireless is having a contest to fly to Atlanta to ... read story
Billie Joe updated his audio at Greenday.com. I thought it was halarious. I need concert reviews people! So I can get my ass in gear and complete the page while I'm on vacation! So send 'em in! Please include your name, if I can use your e- ... read story
Sorry I haven't updated this weekend, I was sorta busy. Anyway, Guitar Center is having a contest to win Mike's bass. Click here to enter. Guitar Center also has an exclusive interview with our man Mike. Click here to read it. Also at ... read story
I think it's stupid that I start these with "Hi" all the time, so I'm just gonna say fuck it and get into what I want to say. I got my tickets for Hershey today at Ticketmaster today. It sucks that I can only get 4, because I need more. ... read story
Meet your moosey fate! Sorry to say, that's the last of the Invader Zim icons I have. All those little icons, by the way, are from this website. And an awesome site it is. That image above that says Green Day with people having sex is just ... read story
Stupid stinking humans! HELLOOO out there in Green Day land. Ok so that was lame. Wait no it wasn't. If you think it was lame then I have 2 words for you: fuck you. Now that we understand each other, I'll get on with the update. Billie ... read story
You all are doomed! Hi. How's it hanging? That's great. I'm great. Nah, I lied, I'm never great. Anyway. I'm going to try to do some more updating today so this message might change a coupla times. Fun fun. Vote for The Green Day Authority ... read story
Listen carefully. The tour people had to be gay and switch around some tour dates and lead on unsuspecting fans like me. So here's the deal. Some of the venues have been announced, but some have not. If you were planning on going to the ... read story
So I got on anyway today to wish Billie Joe a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yay! He's probably getting drunk right now. Anyway, check out this new Pop Disaster Tour Website. It's a pretty awesome source for finding information about the concert. I've ... read story
So uhh yeah. Billie Joe's birthday is tomorrow, February 17. So I just wanna take this opportunity in case I don't get to update tomorrow to say Happy 30th Birthday Billie Joe! Woo hooo! And since I didn't update the 14th, I hope everyone ... read story
Woo hoo! I just found out that I'll be going to 1 maybe 2 Green Day shows in May. And here's the moment you all have been waiting for...*drumroll*: +4/17 - Bakersfield, CA + +4/19 - Phoenix, AZ + +4/20 @ Verizon Ampitheatre in Irvine, ... read story
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