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This is an image from the ad campaign by Converse to celebrate its 100th year.

Pictured from left to right are: Hunter S. Thompson, Dwyane Wade, Sid Vicious, M.I.A., James Dean, Karen O, Common, Joan Jett and Billie Joe Armstrong. Click here to see it full size.

Diablo magazine has an article about world-famous bands that hail from the East Bay, starting with Green Day. KFOG DJ Big Rick Stuart says:

Green Day never seemed to have chased being famous, and it never seems like they are faking some emotion in their music to get attention. It just happens. They just do the Green Day thing.

Tonight, local bands in West Ashley, SC, perform Dookie in its entirety to celebrate Green Day's influence on pop music. The show begins with an acoustic set of songs from some of Green Day's other albums.
The new issue of NME has an article about the Foxboro Hot Tubs. There's a song-by-song review of the six tracks currently available. They refer to the versions of the songs with the movie sound clips in the beginning, which were only ... read story
The newest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (March 6th issue) has an article called "Billie Joe's Punk Reunion" which talks about the recent Pinhead Gunpwoder shows. Thanks to KimVicious for the scan.Billie Joe is expected to be a part of a ... read story
Just browing around the internet tubes i came across these two promo's for SNL that Green Day did back in 2005. Here's one and here's is the other. Good stuff ... read story
Here are some bits of trivia about the Foxboro Hot Tubs:Jingletown, the name of the record label that's due to release the FHT album, is also the name of a section of Oakland:Jingletown is located in the East Side of Oakland, California. It ... read story
Billie Joe Armstrong celebrates his 36th birthday today.I'd like to wish him a very happy birthday from the entire GDA staff.   ... read story
The Foxboro Hot Tubs will be releasing a 13-song LP soon on Jingle Town Records (new label for side projects?). A 7" vinyl with 'Mother Mary' and "She's A Saint Not A Celebrity" will also be released.Both the Foxboro MySpace and Website ... read story
The new issue of Kerrang has an article about Pinhead Gunpowder's mini tour. A scan was posted on the Green Day Live Journal Community. A big thanks to them and to ebonylox for sharing it with us.Here is a nice review of Pinhead Gunpowder's ... read story
I love you all. Will you be my valentine ... read story
With Billie Joe returning to 924 Gilman St. with Pinhead Gunpowder last week, many of you remembered the story of Green Day being barred from the venue in the 90's (because of Gilman's rule against allowing signed bands). Well, a visitor of ... read story
Pinhead Gunpowder played a not-so-secret "secret" show last night at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA. The show had been talked about unofficially, and the venue had distributed flyers locally and posted them on their MySpace page, but it was ... read story
Green Day lost the 'Best Rock Duo' Grammy they were nominated for to The White Stripes. The band was nominated for 'Working Class Hero'. Green Day was nominated last year for 'The Saints Are Coming' but lost to The Red Hot Chili Peppers ... read story
Rolling Stone wrote, "Billie Joe Armstrong can still DIY when he wants to," in an article about Pinhead Gunpowder's mini tour: With a beanie pulled over his bleached hair, Armstrong strolled onto the stage like one of the roadies, a Red ... read story
More pictures and videos are coming out of Pinhead Gunpowder's ongoing mini tour. The photo on the right is from Babe's Warehouse, Feb. 2, 2008. We've also added photos by Ben Goetting. 40+ pictures have been added to the Picture Vault. ... read story
Pinhead Gunpowder played another show last night, this one at Babe's Warehouse in Long Beach, California. We got a pic in from DJRossstar with him and Billie Joe, and below are some videos from the show. Keep checking the Pic Vault for new ... read story
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