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BIG NEWS! Listen to another song off American Idiot, called Letterbomb, now. I got an article from Revolver Magazine on a "fall preview" of American Idiot. Read the article here. Also, does anyone know the name of the font used on the American Idiot cover? E-mail me.
Hey guys, another Green Day Tribute Album, Pickin' on Green Day drops on August 24, 2004 by CMH Records. Here is the tracklist: 1. Welcome to Paradise 2. Basket Case 3. Coming Clean 4. Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) 5. ... read story
Almost a week after GDA brought you the American Idiot Video to download, brings you the official uncensored video on the site. Go check it out, but you probably already saw the video (minus the curse words) right here at GDA. ... read story
Here is an article talking about the glorious debut of American Idiot on Canada's Charts. "The first single from the forthcoming CD by the band Green Day hits Canadian radio and the charts in record setting fashion. The single "American ... read story
e new song American Idiot has taken over the WORLD. It's only been out for 1 week and already at number 10 on the BillBoard. It's true click here. It also is the 3rd most downloaded song on iTunes.YAY FOR GREEN DAY YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING ... read story
Green Day has added some dates for a small tour before the fall tour with New Found Glory. Check out those and other tour dates here . Read an article here about the new dates ... read story
This weeks Kerrang! Magazine is nearly all about politics, here is a quote from a page with Green Day....this is what Billie Joe had this to say; I think America is in a lot of trouble at the moment, and I think Bush should take ... read story
Well you guessed it! Favorite Son came out on the net today from the Rock Against Bush Vo.2! Click here for the lyrics ... read story
AMERICAN IDIOT MAKES ME CREAM DOWN MY LEG. So catchy, so good, god damn, I, as well as other, cannot fucking wait. Anyway, post on the forums for your thoughts on American Idiot. Also, requested by a fellow GD fan, I thought it would be ... read story
Yay!!! Finally American Idiot is out today! I just heard it this morning! It's really really cool! Try every station you can to listen to it, i heard it 10 minutes ago on The Moxey and Missile Show on New Mexico's Alternative Rock 103.3 ... read story
Alright, here's the full track listing for American Idiot. Though, it might not be in order, here're all the names of the songs: American Idiot Jesus of Suburbia- (I Don't Care, City of the Damned, Dearly Beloved, Tales of Another ... read story
Ok I got some really exciting news. "American Idiot" the first single from the VERY VERY anticipated new album is FINALLY going to hit the airwaves next Tuesday August 3rd. And also we finally get a small small preview of "American Idiot" ... read story just put out a post saying that Green Day is going to play tomorrow in Los Angeles. The news just came out today, it is going to be a "Special Dress Rehearsal for the Japanese Tour". Tickets are on sale today, but not online, you ... read story
Those of you intrested, Kerplunk was just added to the iTunes Downloadable Library. So if any of you are intrested in being legal (and supporting Green Day) then drop by iTunes and you can download the entire CD there. FYI, "I Fought the ... read story
Ok here are a couple of articles that slightly mention Green Day. This one is from Seattle PI news. It's mostly political stuff and there is short moment where they talk about Green Day "Around 200 liberal or left-leaning bands, including ... read story
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