Howdy ho neighbors. Happy 1000+ hits for me! I changed the layout a little bit since the last time. Some ringtones have been added to the Downloads page. But for some reason, the page cuts off at the bottom. I'm not sure why this is occurring, the HTML codes are correct, but I'll try to find out why the fuck it's doing it. I finally decided what I'm going to do about the webmaster situation. I've taken a shine to keep everything up and running myself, so I'm gonna keep it that way. My boyfriend is being added to this page as a co-webmaster however, just in case I need someone to fall back on. Anyway I'm currently working on the new pages. They should be up soon.
Hey kiddies, what's new? I changed the top of this page again. I'm never satisfied. heh. Anyway, I'm going to be working on 3 new pages. The Autographs, Concert Reviews, and Collector's Corner. If you have anything to add to these ... read story
I did some layout changes, as you see. The icons, if you wanna call them that, on the menubar are different, and I put the the main page in a different order. Plus this news page has a different background. Yay. If you like the changes ... read story
Apparently, radio stations have been sent a list of "lyrically questionable" songs that are being determined for play on the radio. In the list, Green Day's Brain Stew, Bangles' Walk Like an Egyptian, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tuesday's Gone, and ... read story
As far as I understand from 409 Online, Green Day played a surprise set at the Adeline Records Showcase on 924 Gilman Street on Sunday, 9.16.01. Apparently, they used borrowed instruments from the previous bands and rocked the house. ... read story
God bless America. That's all I can say about the events that occured on Tuesday. They thought we'd grow weaker, but the United States has only grown stronger. Some of us are angry, some are sad, and some have mixed emotions. Being a ... read story
There will be no updates of this website right now. Today, at about 8:45AM, one of two airplanes flew into the South Building of the World Trade Center in New York City. Minutes later, a second plane crashed into the North Building of the ... read story
Below is another Green Day AOL buddy icon I found at Ballericons. I created a new navigation frame on the side. For example you click on The Band (or Fan or Site) and a little menu should show up. Click on The Band (or Fan or Site) again ... read story
Yeah know I was gonna do some more updating last night, I really was. I only got the Videos page done. But before I knew it, we were on our way down to the Allentown Fair to see Blink182 and New Found Glory in concert. Awesome show. I ... read story
Well I don't know if this AOL Icon is new to you, but I've never seen a Green Day AIM icon made from the little AOL guys. Well Bad Ass Buddies has finally done it. Don't have AIM? Get it here. Want the Green Day icon? Click on it below ... read story
I'm just letting you know that a new site, The Green Day Fan Directory is up. This page features all links to Green Day webpages made by fans all over the world, and holy shit there is a lot. Now if you still can't find a Green Day site to ... read story
Green Day recently won Kerrang's Award for Classic Songwriter. All together, they were nominated for 3 awards; Classic Songwriter which they won, Best International Live Act (lost to Papa Roach), & Best Band in the World (lost to Slipknot ... read story
Well you probably already heard, but today, Green Day released a live EP...for Japan...dammit. The track list includes Church on Sunday, Castaway, Blood Sex and Booze, King for a Day, Waiting, Minority, and Macy's Day Parade. You can see ... read story
Well if you haven't picked up the American Pie 2 soundtrack, I suggest you head over to CDNow and get it. It's fucking great. Well I was flipping through CosmoGirl! while I was bored and I came across a section called Hi My Name Is... on ... read story
Green Day's awesome June 26 performance at Asbury Park, NJ will air on HBO's Reverb on August 15th. Look for me in the audience. :) That show was fucking awesome! I don't have HBO but hopefully someone will tape it for me. Just so ... read story
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