I know you guys miss me - sorry I haven't posted. Been doing some random crap, which I know most of you don't care about, but if you do, check out my about me page where I have added updates from my blogs/twitter/last.fm so you guys can pretty much stalk me.

We have a couple articles about Billie Joe's guitar playing. It's pretty fair to say that Billie Joe is a very underrated guitarist, which isn't terrible because I think it makes up for the fact that most people can recognize his tremendous talent in songwriting. This post from Modern Electric Guitars talks a bit about Billie Joe's use of guitars and has a video of him for a special from Gibson.

Billie Joe also landed on Gibsons "15 Iconic Les Paul Players". Up there with the likes of Eric Clapton, Zakk Wylde, and Bob Marley, he's in pretty good company.

In a bit of disappointing news, Obedient Sons & Daughters - the clothing company which Mike Dirnt invested in - is closing down. I read a few articles about this, all of them said the same thing - the company wanted more funding from Mike because they couldn't afford to maintain daily business on the budget they had.

Now both Adeline Street and Obedient Sons & Daughters are out of business. Sounds to me that maybe the guys have decided just to leave the clothing business -- for now.

I've decided to re-order the comments once again from oldest to newest. Just seems easier for most people to understand and hold a conversation. I just liked seeing something new at the top each time, but didn't make much sense to read backwards.
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