Green Day's first two albums, 39/Smooth and Kerplunk are being re-released on vinyl today by Reprise Records. The albums are being sold with a 7" single included.

View the 39/Smooth vinyl
View the Kerplunk vinyl

Green Day took the albums back from Lookout! in 2005 because the label wasn't paying royalties to the band, which led to a breach of contract. Lookout! was the home of the albums since the band first put them out in the late 80's/early 90's. Green Day's success actually had a big part of keeping Lookout! going, with the label hiring more staff just to handle Green Day's material. In 2006 the band announced that the albums would finally re-appear on Reprise Records, and were remastered and re-released in January 07 (the 39/smooth remastering was done and released in 2004 by Lookout! before Green Day took them back).

For a great read-up about this whole issue, Lookout!'s previous owner (who left the company years before Green Day did), Larry Livermore posted up a blog a few years ago about the issue.

Don't forget we will be at the "Heart Like a Hand Grenade" premiere in Hollywood tomorrow night. I'll be wearing a Foxboro Hot Tubs t-shirt. If you're going, you should come up and say hi. If you go up to someone else in a Foxboro shirt and ask if they're name is "Andres" and they say no, it's probably not me.

We'll update tomorrow with links to where you can follow our updates during the premiere.
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