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It's time for some speculative news. Larry Livermore, long-friend of Green Day, has caused a bit of a stir on twitter along with on our forum when he tweeted this:

"Didn't think I'd ever get involved in putting out records again, but @BJAofficial just may have made me an offer I can't refuse."

What this means? There are three popular theories going around the forum right now. The first one, and the most obvious theory is that Larry Livermore might be involved somehow in the new Green Day album, possibly as a producer. The second theory is that Livermore was offered a job at Adeline records as an overseer of sorts. The third theory is that he will be helping to rerecord 39/Smooth and Kerplunk.

I want to make perfectly clear that we have absolutely zero evidence to support any of these theories yet. However, if you want to stalk this thread for the next few days, Livermore has been popping up in the forum himself, teasing the other members.

He also tweeted,
"Curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of cats among my followers."

Meow, Larry. Meow.

Update 8pm EST: Larry has confirmed that he will be working with Adeline Records
"Yes, it's true, I will be working on a project with Adeline Records."

You can follow Larry on Twitter, @LarryLivermore, for more updates.

Thanks to Nikita and Lucky for sending this news.
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