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If you are a member of the Idiot Club and you live in the Oakland, California area, you might be in luck. The Idiot Club is giving out 20 free tickets to the first 20 people to email them to attend the "Bay Area Music Fan Appreciation Event" going on tonight.

"We can't tell you exactly where, we can't tell you exactly why, but if you're 21 years old or older and available tonight in Oakland, CA from 8PM-12AM PDT you may get a chance to attend the Bay Area Music Fan Appreciation Event. "

All entries must be submitted by 5pm PDT and then winners will be emailed before 6pm PDT with details on where to be and how to get into the event.

For complete details on how to enter head on over to the Idiot Club.

This sounds mighty suspicious to me, and doing a quick Google search of "Bay Area Music Fan Appreciation Event" doesn't seem to be bringing up any noteworthy results. Good luck to everyone who enters and hopefully by later tonight we will know exactly what this is all about.

Update: We still don't know what exactly is going on, but apparently it's being filmed.

Update #2: Adrienne just tweeted that it is in-fact a Green Day show and that they will be playing "new songs."
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