Fan Of The Week: Glen B.
Name: Glen B.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

How long have you been a fan: Since 2004, I only got into music around that time and Green Day were the first band I really latched onto.

Favourite lyric or quote (one-liner): Any line from "Like A Rat Does Cheese."

Favourite music video: 21st Century Breakdown. Love the animation and effects, and the ending is just perfect.

Funniest Green Day moment: Seeing Green Day playing a soundcheck in Dublin back in 2010, Billie stops and says "We are here to entertain you. Lets play American Yagoogoly (epic Zoolander reference)". That song was made funnier with Mike spinning around on an office chair for the duration of the song.

Share a little about yourself: I'm Glen, from Dublin, Ireland. I am a computing student in 2nd year of College. I am obsessed with music, mainly Green Day, Metallica and all things cheesy! I met my totally awesome girlfriend because of Green Day and one day I will thank them for it. I am a guitar player and spend a lot of my spare time playing my way through Green Day's back catalogue. Proud to say, I was one of the first to hear Green Day's new song "Stay the Night" and all I can say is you guys are in for a totally awesome treat when UNO! drops next month!! Cannot wait for the new tour!

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