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[caption=¡Uno!]082312_uno.jpg[/caption]On Tuesday, Green Day's first studio album since 2009, ¡Uno!, will be released here in the US. Many retailers, both online and physical, will be carrying the album. Though all the copies of ¡Uno! will contain the exact same songs, there are a couple different packages and versions out there available to purchase that include some extra goodies. Let's run through them so you can make your best buying decision.

First off, I'd just like to say that for a digital download, Amazon MP3 by far has the best value. For physical purchase of the standard edition, any retailer will be fine, but for the deluxe edition, Best Buy does the trick, since there are no shipping costs involved.

Now, the reasons why.


Of course, iTunes will be providing a digital download of ¡Uno! right at the stroke of midnight for those of you who want to get your (digital) hands on the album right away. iTunes is currently listing a couple versions of the album. Obviously, they have the normal version, but they have deluxe and clean versions as well.

For $13.99, the deluxe version includes the 12 album tracks but also comes with videos for the songs "Oh Love," "Kill the DJ," "Let Yourself Go," and "Stay the Night." The first two are official music videos and the other two are live performances.

As for the other version of the album, iTunes is offering a clean version for $11.99, which is something we've never had before from Green Day. This clean version is especially handy if you have kids or want to play the album in a family-friendly public setting.

All these packages will come with a digital booklet - a digital version of the album's CD booklet.


Amazon MP3 will be offering the album in three different varieties as well. First is the [url=]regular 12-track version[/url] of the album for $9.99. The [url=]second version is only $7.99[/url] and it comes with a digital version of the album booklet. For $2 less, why not get that one? The third version is the same thing iTunes is offering where a [url=]deluxe edition[/url] comes with four videos for only $10.99. If you're looking for just the digital album, might as well go with the digital booklet version.

Of course, Amazon offers the physical album as well. And as a Green Day fan, the physical album is a must-have. Amazon is serving up four different physical versions of the album. Aside from the [url=]explicit[/url] and [url=]clean[/url] versions for $9.99, Amazon also has a [url=]deluxe edition[/url] available, which includes a limited edition Fan Box that houses all three of the albums (once they're released), cardboard fillers for those albums, and a sticker. Pretty cool collectors edition if you ask me, especially for only $16.99.

The other version Amazon is offering is the album on VINYL!! If you're a vinyl lover like us, this is a must have. The [url=]vinyl is available[/url] for $22.98.

Best Buy

As about the only major retailer left in the US that actually sells CDs, Best Buy is offering up a few different versions of the album. Obviously, they will carry the explicit and clean versions on CD for $9.99. The other versions they are selling include the Deluxe Edition (same as above with Amazon) for $19.99, vinyl for $22.98, and a [url=]Japanese import edition[/url] which includes a bonus track. The bonus track isn't confirmed yet but we've heard it's a live version of "Let Yourself Go." This import will be available October 2nd for $49.99.

Hot Topic

As expected, Hot Topic will be carrying the album in their stores. Generally, they're a little overpriced, but there's a nice thing about Hot Topic this time around. Along with the deluxe edition, they will be serving up an exclusive PINK vinyl! When I heard this, I cancelled my Amazon pre-order of the vinyl and will go here to pick it up.

While you're there, you might as well pick up a one of the new t-shirts that they're carrying. They have some cool ones.

Other Retailers

As expected, Target, FYE, among others, will be carrying the album. But what's different about this time around is that WalMart will have the album available for purchase. This is only possible due to the clean version that is being released. As much as people hate this, it's great for album sales and for helping Green Day reaching the "best band in the world" status (if they're not already there).
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