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Tré Cool signing the Gretsch drums
Back in September, before the now infamous iHeartRadio festival performance, Clear Channel and iHeartRadio held a Green Day-related contest. One winner would travel to Las Vegas for the show, meet Green Day backstage, and receive band-signed instruments. This was a US national contest. The winner of said contest has decided that he'd like to part with the signed instruments. He registered on our forum, GDC, (under the rather appropriate name "Green_Day_Winner"), and let us know there. These are unique (and obviously officially signed) instruments, so we thought we'd make sure everyone had a chance at them.

Up for sale on eBay are: 1 Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Double-Cutaway Les Paul Jr. guitar (with gig bag case), 1 Fender (MX) P-Bass, and 1 Gretsch Catalina Club Rock 4-piece drum set. The BJA signature guitar is Billie Joe's most recent collaboration with Gibson, and one of these guitars was used (and later smashed) by Billie Joe at the iHeartRadio festival performance, as well as other 2012 shows. Mike has religiously played Fender P-Basses for quite awhile, and uses them almost exclusively on tour. Tré's drums of choice for the ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! trilogy have been Gretsch kits, like the signed kit up for sale.

The seller, Green_Day_Winner on GDC, had this to say about his experience with Green Day at the iHeartRadio festival:
"The whole experience of the concert was really awesome. The Clear Channel guys came and took my wife and I backstage. Once back there, there were other people who got their pictures taken with the band. There were families getting pics with the band. It was hilarious. All of the others left. They had our musical equipment set up in a corner. They came over and said 'Hello. Congrats.' and signed. They were all really cool.

Billie did not say much. When he was taking pictures with the families, we could tell he was on another level. It was hilarious. He had kids in fake head locks. Very animated."

See this post on our forum for pictures of the band signing these instruments. The starting bids for the signed instruments are fairly reasonable, considering their quality. Check them out!
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