We're posting this video here hoping Green Day will see it. This kid in Artesia, CA (south of Los Angeles) was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, and has lost his vision and most of his speech due to the illness. His last wish is to meet any members of his favorite rock bands - Green Day, Linkin Park, or Ozzy Osbourne.

I understand how tough it is and Green Day can't reach out to everyone - but here's hoping this message can get to someone involved with any of the bands mentioned to help out in some way.

For anyone who wants to help his family, there is a fund setup at Bank of the West in California. You can donate to the Kyle Rodas Fund, Acct No. 653251041

Update 1: I got an email from Kyle's dad shortly after posting this, sending his thanks for our support in helping to try and make his sons dream come true. I told him Green Day fans around the world had Kyle and his family in our thoughts. Thanks to everyone who's already sent emails trying to reach out to help.

Update 2 - Tuesday June 7: Kyle got a call from Ozzy Osbourne, here's a story about it.

Update 3 - Wednesday June 8: We're collecting donations, cards and messages of support to send to Kyle and his family. If you're interested read this post

Adrienne posted on Twitter asking how to reach Kyle. We've passed along his dad's email address. It's good to know they know about the story :)

Update 4 - Thursday June 9: Billie Joe just tweeted the following:
"Hello Kyle. Just want you to know we're thinking about you. Fight the good fight little brother. Rage and love Billie Joe"

Update 5 - June 9: GDA will be donating the amount that the PayPal fees total to make sure 100% of the money goes to the Rodas family. We're also donating 10% of our revenue from GDA merchandise to the American Red Cross for the month of June. Read this post for all the details.
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