A couple of featured fan covers for you this week. First up we have GDA visitor, Ryan, with his band performing Are We The Waiting/St.Jimmy.

"My band, Saints of Superbia, started as a Green Day tribute band (The Dominated Love Slaves) about a year ago. We have been writing and playing our own music for the past 7 months, but the Green Day side will always be a part of me. They have been my favorite band since the day Insomniac came out in 1995...I was only 9 back then, but I knew that there was something amazing about their music."

Watch their live performance below:

You can see more from "Saints Of Superbia" on their youtube channel and 'like' their facebook page.

Click here for the "8-bit" covers...
This week's featured eBay item is the rare 'limited edition' Japanese singles box that was released in 1998. It contains all 7 singles from the Dookie and Insomniac albums, including Basket Case, Geek Stink Breath and Brain Stew/Jaded. ... read story
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On this week's episode of "Static Noise" we talk about American Idiot movie rumors, Billie Joe on Nurse Jackie, his new tattoo and much more from the Green Day world! Listen to the show Or right click this link to save the mp3. Better ... read story
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As we discuss briefly on the latest GDA "Static Noise" podcast (which we'll post here later), there are some more details on what we believe will be Billie Joe's character in US showtime series Nurse Jackie. This is from the casting call ... read story
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To celebrate Nimrod's 14th birthday last Friday, this week's Song of the Week is its opening track, Nice Guys Finish Last, which was also Nimrod's 4th single, reaching number 31 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart in 1998. The song also ... read story
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Some members on our forum got together over the last couple of weeks to put together a video to celebrate Nimrod's 14th Anniversary today. As well as fan photo contributions, the video lists all the album's chart positions around the world ... read story
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