While on tour with AFI last year, on occasion, lead singer of AFI, Davey Havok would come out and sing a song with Billie Joe on stage. Our new Featured Download is a video recording of Davey Havok coming out and singing the song "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?" with Green Day at their August 14th tour stop at the PNC Bank Arts Center.

You can download the 52mb iPod and iTunes ready MP4 file over on our Featured Download page now.

What do you think should be out next Featured Download? Have any ideas? Send me an email: jimmy@greendayauthority.com

This download was recorded by RockConcertNo1Fan on YouTube.
Billboard.com has compiled a list of 20 bands that have played Lollapalooza for the festivals 20th anniversary. The list also includes commentary from official Lollapalooza photographer Tim Mosenfelder. Tim Mosenfelder had this to say ... read story
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A couple weeks ago we asked people to record a Green Day song (including Foxboro/Network) for a chance to win an "Awesome As Fuck" vinyl autographed by Billie Joe, Mike and Tre. We're happy to announce the winner of the autographed vinyl ... read story
Billie Joe is featured on the cover of their weeks issue of Kerrang magazine. The topic being covered in this weeks issue is "50 Greatest Rockstars in the World Today". We will have scans up of the article later on in the week. You ... read story
A few days ago we posted about Rolling Stone's online poll asking people to vote for the 'Best Punk Band' of all time. The results were posted today and Green Day took the #1 spot. And we even got a little shout out: Two weeks ago, we ... read story
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In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, we're having another contest with another awesome prize. This time, we'd like people to design a Green Day themed wallpaper and send it to us. The prize is an autographed copy of the 21st Century ... read story
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Rolling Stone just put out a new poll for their Facebook and Twitter followers. They want to know who the best punk band of all time is. Well, it's Green Day, of course. The answer is obvious isn't it? Yes, Ok. Glad we have that cleared up ... read story
In the most recent issue of Kerrang Magazine, Billie Joe is featured in the magazine's "30 Amazing Facts" section celebrating Kerrang's 30th anniversary. Only 29 of the 30 facts are correct and if you can pick out what one is the false ... read story
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Last month we wrote about a teenager battling brain cancer who's last wish was to meet his favorite musicians, Green Day, Linkin Park and Ozzy Osbourne. When we first posted the story Kyle's condition was bad, and his family knew he had ... read story
Earlier this month, Adeline Records announced the release of the Network's Money Money 2020 on vinyl. Well, for those of you that pre-ordered the bundle, (which should have begun shipping yesterday) Adeline is sending you the vinyl as well ... read story
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