GDA's co-owner, J'net, was able to see Billie Joe perform on Broadway and has written this wonderfully detailed review of his performances in the show. This was definitely written for those of you who won't be able to see the show, or maybe for those of you who have and would like to re-live a little bit of it. She shares her reaction (and that of some other fans she was with) of his performances, and how his take on the character paints part of the story a little different. Click the link at the end of the paragraph to read the full thing.

St. Billie Times Three
by Jeanette Newton

I recently had the opportunity to visit the St. James Theatre in New York City three times in one weekend to see Billie Joe Armstrong perform the role of St. Jimmy, originated by the exceptional Tony Vincent. To avoid confusion and some awkward phrasing, I'll call the two portrayals "St. Billie" and "St. Tony." I've seen the show with Tony Vincent in the role many times (I'm not even sure how many), and I've seen Andrew Call perform it three times. However, I was unable to attend during the week when Billie Joe first took on the part. I was curious, eager, and a bit nervous to see how he would handle it.

Yahoo News has announced that AFI's frontman, Davey Havok, will be joining the cast of the American Idiot musical for two weeks starting March 1, directly after Billie Joe's final performance February 27th. The news comes as indie-rocker ... read story
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Long time friend of Green Day and drummer of Billie Joe's side band Pinhead Gunpowder, Aaron Cometbus has recently released the 54th issue of his punk zine, Cometbus. This issue of Cometbus is dedicated to Green Day and talks about Aaron's ... read story
I am happy to announce that Tyler F's entry has been chosen as the vocal winner for GDA's Record a Song project. His vocal track can be listened to below. [player=tyler]tyler-f-vocals-lowbr[/player] So that wraps up Walking Contradiction ... read story
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On Static Noise last Saturday, we announced Anthony as our winning guitar entry. Congratulations Anthony and well done. That means we are now accepting vocal entries. To submit your entry, you need to go to the Record a Song page and ... read story
Today is the 17th anniversary of the release of Green Day's first major label album, Dookie. Dookie brought Green Day forward to the mainstream of the world and into millions of lives. Much of Green Day's later work has been compared to ... read story
Mike Dirnt's side band, The Frustrators, will be coming out with a new EP in the middle of February entitled, Griller. Griller will be released in four different formats. Each version of the album will be released on a different day. The ... read story
Title: OMG, Billie's Hair is SO HOTT This week Andres, Alex, Matt, Mikey, and Tony talk about Billie's replacements for the musical, another Green Day slam from John Lydon, Billie's hair and hot-ness, and our favorite Green Day artwork ... read story
We'll be recording the podcast on Saturday at 3pm EST (noon Pacific, 8pm GMT). You guys should stop by on to watch it and chat with us while we record this nonsense. If you've never listened to a show, we basically just talk ... read story
Billie Joe Armstrong has been nominated in the category for "Hottest Man" in the 2011 NME Shockwaves Awards. Billie is up against other artists including Jared Leto, Alex Turner, Dominic Howard, and Matt Bellamy. The winners will be ... read story
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Which album do you think has the best artwork? Vote, then leave your thoughts in the comments below ... read story
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