Last night was Billie's final performance as St. Jimmy in the American Idiot musical. Billie had tweeted earlier the day:
"St Jimmy is sad.. This is my last day.. Tonight I'm gonna fuck shit up!! This is not goodbye.. This is so long.. St jimmy rules!"

He added a new little tune to the beginning of Time of your Life, which closes out the show. Audio of the performance was posted on the American Idiot site. Listen to the audio below, or visit the musical site to download it.

You can view the lyrics to this song in this photo posted on Twitter by @Elderta. That paper belonged to Billie Joe, he handed over the lyrics to a fan who handed him a rose after the performance.

Here's a video of Billie performing this from YouTube.

Thanks to Andrew S. for sending in the news.

Photo by sundaymorning6am.

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