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Last Year:[img=083111_green day homecoming.jpg]

Green Day were at the tail end of the 2nd leg of their 21st Century Breakdown North American tour. The band stopped in Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, LA and San Diego, before closing with a homecoming show in the Bay Area. The band pulled out some real surprises, none more so than the Denver show where they played unreleased songs Cigarettes And Valentines and Olivia.

Take a look back at this story for Matt's recap of the Denver show.

2 years ago:

Swiftly following Green Day's 1st leg of the 21CB tour, the band were stoking fires all over the place, with the American Idiot Musical opening at the Berkeley Rep Theater in San Francisco. The band also announced that they were joining forces with Marc Webb to produce the video for the single and album title track, 21st Century Breakdown. In this fans opinion, one of Green Day's best music videos.

In 2005:

Green Day were the highlight of the 2005 MTV VMA Awards, sweeping 7 of the awards and performing the song that won best video, Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The trio arrived at the awards in grand manner, rolling up in the green car from the Holiday/BOBD music video!

[img=083111_minority.jpg]In 2000:

Green Day released Minority, their first single from the upcoming album Warning, a song that would become a firm fan favourite and a staple in the Green Day live show to this day. Not to mention, a strong influence for this site :}
A video has surfaced of the band performing "Words I Might Have Ate" in East Orange, NJ, way back in 1992. Apparently, Billie broke a guitar string right before this, leaving Green Day no choice but to improvise. The result was a unique ... read story
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Hey guys, we have to some new stickers available from GDA. Actually it's a bit of a redesign of some stickers we were selling before and some older ones that are now back in stock. Merch sales go to help pay for GDA's expenses. Check ... read story
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