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Short 'n Sweet

By Courtney /Nov. 20, 2001 / Comments
Hey fellow Green Day fans. Sorry for not updating, but I've been pretty busy. I know you already know the recent news surrounding GD already but I'll take a shot. Billie Joe and Tre both recently posted audio messages at, and in case you missed any of the previous messages, has them stored on their website. A number of TV performances were/are this week. Fuckin' a ...I thought to myself yesterday, Courtney don't forget to watch/tape Jay Leno...and what did I do?! When my boyfriend left at 11PM, I completely forgot about it and fell asleep! Well, my mind is a little gone so you can't blame me...getting up at 4:30AM every weekday isn't easy. Anyway as I was saying. Here's a list of all the TV appearences this week. +

+ Monday, 11.19 Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno @ 11:35PM on NBC +

+ Friday, 11.23 Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn after David Letterman on CBS +

+ Ok, so there's 2. Shut up. They also appeared on a radio show called Rockline this week. There's also a new interview with Billie Joe in Kerrang! magazine that you can read on their Offical Message Board. Hrmmm and I don't know. It's like 11PM and I wanna go to bed. So I'm gonna leave ya now. No big loss. If I don't update before Thursday, 11.22, have a Happy Thanksgiving. And of now, 10 days and 1 hour till the GDA Contest ends so get your entries in now! Be careful out there. :) (P/S: NO I don't know what the fuck is wrong with my fucking counter! Grrrrrr....)
Billie Joe recently posted another message at In it, he tells us how they are still in Vancouver filming the Chris Isaak Show and also he asks us our opinons on a idea he has. He was talking about the Muscians Union, and how ... read story
Well, this is a big update. I apologize for not updating last night, I was at work then I cruised all over looking for 'International Supervideos' and I finally grabbed the last video at Suncoast Video, which is about 30 minutes from where ... read story
Billie Joe posted another new song, ballad if you want to call it, at I saved a .wav file for you. Download it here. 409 Online got thier hands on a picture from the CD inlay from 'International Superhits'. You can see it ... read story
Well I have a lot to fill you in on today. I was gonna update yesterday, but I was pissed off with cops for a little certain something. Anyway. Here's the news. *Takes a huge breath* During this week, Billie posted 2 new songs on ... read story
If you're interested, Green Day will make yet another appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, November 19 @ 11:35PM. The International Superplayer is out! Click here to check it out! It's pretty awesome. It includes 4 AIM Buddy ... read story
Mike has left a message now at He recorded it with his daughter, Estelle-Desiree, and it's pretty much all screaming. Check it out anyway. There's also a new article about 'International Superhits' at It's ... read story
Two new AOL icons were added to the downloads page, which you can see below. Also added to the downloads page is the Green Day Stationary that can be also found at Also I added some of the Macy's Day Parade video shoot ... read story
Enter to win Tre's drumset at Along with the drumset, you'll also receive an poster signed by Billie Joe, Mike, & Tre, a photo, and also a copy of their upcoming release, 'International Superhits'! Sounds like a sweet deal to ... read story added pictures from the Macy's Day Parade video shooting. Looks like a classy video, Billie is wearing a suit. One month to go for the GDA Contest so get your entries in ... read story
H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N !!! I hope everyone has a fun holiday! Tre recalls one of his Halloween experience @ Warner Music also has a Green Day game featuring their new album, 'International Superhits'. Check that out ... read story
Check out where Billie Joe released another message (Message #1) about his weekend. He also cleared up the rumor that Green Day is not moving from Reprise Records to Adeline Records. Also as far as I understand, the Waiting ... read story
Hi there. Our affiliate, GD Rox has a new design. Check it out. I got a new guestbook, so sign it. Please...pretty please...pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top? Mmmm...whipped cream & cherries...ahhhh... Anyway. A new buyer ... read story
Another update for you fine folks in Green Day Land. as annonced that a new music video for 'Macy's Day Parade' will be filming sometime this week. Woo hoo. They also have a new EPK video, an entire documentary, in their ... read story
Well I was to lazy to update yesterday, so I want to put out in this update that you can listen to GD's new album, 'International Superhits', at AOL Listening Party. MTV2 will be airing Green Day videos in blocks, which will include info ... read story
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