It's all pretty quiet on the Green Day news side, but I'm just gonna make a few comments about some thing. 409 Online has pictures of the articles of Kerrang! magazine featuring Green Day. They also have have the "possible" intro to 'International Superhits'. Go there to check it out. Basket Case Online is back with an awesome new design. Make sure you get your ass there and check it out. And ya know, I just put up my contest on last update, and I have received tons of entries already! So get your entry in today. Click here to enter. For the next week or so, I'm changing some things on the site, so please don't mind it if my layout looks a little funny. And last, I have a little favor to ask of you guys. There's a DJ at 95.1 WZZO, a local radio station, who just put out a CD called 'Finally'. The CD rocks so you might wanna check out his site at and listen to some of the sound files of his songs. Chris is a really nice guy, so if you like his music, buy one of the CDs and help him out! :)
Green Day is on the cover of Kerrang magazine again! For more info, go to their website. It must be just a thing around here, but I can't find Kerrang on any of the newstands. I guess it is not out in the USA. If you missed Billie Joe's ... read story
Billie Joe has posted an audio message for his loyal fans at They also put a message board where he is "rumored" to be answering questions and making comments. So check it How do you guys like some of the new ... read story
>Fuckin' yay! Green Day's new single, Poprocks & Coke, was heard playing on the radio according to 409 Online. Also thanks to them, we have an mp3 of Poprocks & Coke. Get that here. I just found out that the 'International Supervideos ... read story
Just thought that maybe those of you whom get FOX might like to know that Green Day's episode of 'King of the Hill' will reair tomorrow at 5:30PM EST on FOX. If you get it, good, if not, well tough shit. Also, our affiliate, Basketcase is ... read story
So now you have the official, final, let's get it over with, brand spankin' new tracklist for 'International Superhits'. And here it is: + 1. "Maria" 2. "Poprocks & Coke" 3. "Longview" 4. "Welcome To Paradise" 5. "Basket Case" 6. " ... read story
As announced by the Green Day Street Team, here are the official release dates of 'International Superhits':+ October 29 - Australia / New Zealand November 7 - Japan November 12 - Rest of world (excluding North America) November 13 ... read story
Hey everyone! My friend Keith is selling some of the live Tune in Tokyo CDs. For more information, check out Collector's Corner. Correction on that GDXFS Return, the webmaster e-mailed me today and he said it's going to be back November ... read story
Collector's Corner is finished and now up for viewing. However, I need more Buyers/Sellers. Check out the page for more details on how you can get involved. I fixed the contact us page, I think it was being retarted, since I wasn't ... read story
The U.S.A. just lucked out again, International Superhits' release date has been pushed back here in the states till November 13. On that same day, Green Day's Official Website will be getting a new design. The release date for the ... read story
Howdy ho neighbors. Happy 1000+ hits for me! I changed the layout a little bit since the last time. Some ringtones have been added to the Downloads page. But for some reason, the page cuts off at the bottom. I'm not sure why this is ... read story
Hey kiddies, what's new? I changed the top of this page again. I'm never satisfied. heh. Anyway, I'm going to be working on 3 new pages. The Autographs, Concert Reviews, and Collector's Corner. If you have anything to add to these ... read story
I did some layout changes, as you see. The icons, if you wanna call them that, on the menubar are different, and I put the the main page in a different order. Plus this news page has a different background. Yay. If you like the changes ... read story
Apparently, radio stations have been sent a list of "lyrically questionable" songs that are being determined for play on the radio. In the list, Green Day's Brain Stew, Bangles' Walk Like an Egyptian, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tuesday's Gone, and ... read story
As far as I understand from 409 Online, Green Day played a surprise set at the Adeline Records Showcase on 924 Gilman Street on Sunday, 9.16.01. Apparently, they used borrowed instruments from the previous bands and rocked the house. ... read story
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