Green Day pleasures our eyeballs with another update from the studio. This one is not quite as deep at the last two where Mike and Billie Joe were talking about art and connections to the music. This one ... I can't explain. Just watch. It's my favorite so far.

Here's a quick update for anyone who ordered one of our "Six Pack of Apathy" t-shirts or the bundle (t-shirt + zine). We've shipped out 95% of orders from the US (all US bundles have been shipped), but unfortunately we've had a small ... read story
Back in January we posted about Mike and Trè attending the NAMM show in Anaheim. At the show, we noticed that Trè spent quite a bit of time with Gretsch in their drum area. We speculated the he switched from Leedy to Gretsch. In fact, ... read story
Here is a shiny new poll for you guys to vote in. We want to know if you think (not want) "It's Fuck Time" to be on Green Day's new album. There's been some speculation about it.... what do you think? < Back in December, we wanted to know ... read story
Episode 57 of our Green Day podcast, Static Noise, is now available. This week we talk about Green Day entering the studio to record the new album, the videos we're getting from the studio, and Rob Cavallo producing the new album? We also ... read story
This week's Song of the Week is Green Day's dig at materialism and consumerism; Fashion Victim, track 4 of Green Day's 6th studio album, Warning. The meaning behind Fashion Victim's lyrics is fairly self-explanatory - they criticise and ... read story
Recently Kristin Friedrich of the Center Theatre Group did an interview with Tom Kitt, the man who did the musical arrangements for Green Day's American Idiot Musical. As a writer, I take in every influence, especially when it helps ... read story
It truly seems like Green Day is going to continue releasing studio updates on a regular basis as they have just released their 5th video update. I swear that these updates continue to get more and more interesting as they go on, the ... read story
Green Day's official YouTube channel has just released another new studio update from the band, this marks the 4th video update since last Wednesday. Personally, I think that this is the most interesting video to date since it gives us ... read story
A new teaser for the upcoming season of Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" was just posted on the Nurse Jackie Facebook. The teaser, called "It's Raining Men," shows a bunch of clips of the different men appearing this season, including a couple ... read story
Tony Vincent was on NBC's 'The Voice' last night, a singing competition where contestants (if picked) join a team of one of four different artists. During the blind auditions he was picked by Cee Lo Green to be a part of his team. Tony will ... read story
New video of the band in the studio. This marks the third one At the beginning of the video Billie mentions Whatsername and that he's finally going to name the girl (the one he's written songs about from his younger years "fuck it, it's ... read story
There is a new unofficial DVD being released later this spring called "Before the Idiot". It's currently available for pre-order from Amazon. I tried doing a bit of research about this, but I didn't get far. I couldn't find any info about ... read story
Adeline Records is giving away a white Warning vinyl LP which was released last November. To enter the contest just visit and use the Tweet button to enter. The contest ends February 26th. Follow read story
A new video of the band has been posted on YouTube. This one has a mixture of the band in some studio, not sure which, as well as them living their daily lives. Though it appears as if this one was not too recent as Billie's hair is black. ... read story
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